About Us

Just Numbers was founded based upon the principals of communication, professionalism, and partnership. Though the firm as evolved and introduced a sister firm in Nebraska (Graves Consulting LLC), the 3 core principals remain the same: timely communication, a commitment to quality services adding value, and forming a relationship that is tailored to what the client needs to be successful as we become a partner – not just a professional you hire.

This means we strive for timely communication – whether it is phone, text, email, or coming out to your place of business to actually see where your time and energy is vested. Time spent furthering education – either in Continuing Education Classes or in involvement with the banking community as part of the Farm Credit board position – is never wasted. This translates into a different skill set and different points of view to assist the client in making sound decisions – not just tax planning decisions. And finally – it is a partnership that is tailored for each individual client. There may be a need for payroll support, tax planning, estate planning, business formation, loan renewal analysis – or it may be a new project completely unique to your industry. There’s no exact billing methodology or exact menu of service – because the clients are never exactly alike!

My mentor taught me “Do what you do best and hire the rest.” As business and agriculture both continue to evolve with ever-more complexities, it is more and more important that you have partners along side you helping you be your best while you can focus on what you do best. It’s my job to be the “nerd” and love the numbers while you focus on your cattle, your fields, your business.

– Lyndsey Graves, CPA

Meet Our Founder

Lyndsey D. Graves, CPA

Born and raised in Wray, CO – owner of Just Numbers Lyndsey Graves graduated high school from Wray and continued to Monfort College of Business at UNC in Greeley for her undergraduate work. Upon completion of her degree and the CPA Exams, Lyndsey began working as an auditor for BKD LLP – a top-ten accounting firm – in Colorado Springs. The next few years took her to a hometown bank as a loan officer then to an accounting firm as a tax preparer and partner.

After deciding she needed even more expertise in such an ever-changing field, Lyndsey graduated from University of Denver – Sturm College of Law with a Masters in Taxation in August 2017. Though life has taken Lyndsey and her family to Kearney, NE she continues to serve on the Premier Farm Credit (based in Sterling, CO) board of directors as their appointed Financial Expert. Anything with numbers to tick and tie and a puzzle to find a solution to – she’s up for it!! When she is isn’t doing numbers, Lyndsey loves spending time with her husband Kale, their 3-year-old son Decker, their dogs, and anything that involves outdoors and exercise.